Friday, December 16, 2011

The Girl With The Makeup Tattoos: Dior Velvet Eyes

It seems that the new trend is reusable makeup tattoos.  It first began with patterns for your pucker in many different prints (zebra print, roses and even polka dots) and now, pushing the boundaries even further, are eyeliner decals.  Yes, they are perfect for the girl who wants to be extra dramatic for a night out OR for the girl who is crap at doing eyeliner.  (Ahem, me.)  I want these sooooooo badly.
I saved the best for last though.  Not only are these eyeliner decals bold, daring and fun BUT they're created by one of my favorite cosmetic brands out there: Dior.  They have packaged the decals into a tidy little kit (with 4 different eyeliner styles) and are being sold for about $55 USD.  I will say that I haven't seen them anywhere in Canada (yet) but, according to InStyle Magazine, they can be purchased through  Since the launch date isn't until September 8th, you won't be finding them on the website just yet.  I'll keep you posted though.

Sigh, check out the last pair in the set.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They would be perfect for my wedding day...seriously.  They have little rhinestones and everything...

What are your thoughts on the new decals?

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